ID WRISTBANDS, MEAL CARDS, & PASSPORTS: The Festival will have ID wristbands for all participants upon arrival. These wristbands should be worn at all times to identify a participant in the dorms, venues, and festival functions. Meal Cards will be distributed in Edinburgh with registration packets and are to be shown when entering the university cafeterias for scheduled meals.


Please keep your passport, as well as copies of your passport, in a secure place during your trip. If you discover you have lost your passport, alert your teacher and Festival Staff immediately.


MEALS: Each group has pre-assigned meals at their accommodations. Please note on your itinerary which meals you are scheduled to eat and plan accordingly. In London, each participant will have dinner on arrival day and breakfast every day thereafter. In Edinburgh, each participant will get breakfast daily and one other meal, the timing depends on his or her scheduled activities for the day. Individuals and/or groups cannot take an unassigned meal or switch one for another in a given day. Your group’s detailed itinerary will be provided in July.

DORMITORY RULES: Rooming assignments will be made by the director. No room changes may be made without prior approval from the director and Festival Staff.


Students are not permitted in dorm rooms that house students of the opposite sex.


For safety reasons, students may not remove any structures from the dorms such as window screens or furniture. Fines will be assessed for such violations and/or students may be expelled for this conduct.


Prior to checkout in Edinburgh and London, room inspection will done to make sure conditions are the same as arrival.


CURFEWS:  Students must be in their dormitories by 11:00pm. A Festival Staff member will periodically check on the dorm rooms from 8:00am – 1:00am each day and a proctor will monitor front dorm doors from 10:00pm – 3:00am each night. Students entering the dorm after curfew will be reported to their director and be expelled from the Festival.


FESTIVAL ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend all school and Festival group functions. Festival Staff will regularly check dorm rooms and floors each day for dorm infractions.


ADMISSION TO FESTIVAL SHOWS:  All groups will be required and scheduled to attend four other Festival shows during their stay. All participants receive free admission on a space available basis to all other Festival shows by showing their ID bracelet.


BUDDY SYSTEM: For safety’s sake, students should never be alone during the Festival. If students are caught on their own, they will be turned over to the director and a consequence from the festival. A second infraction will result in immediate dismissal.

TIMELINESS: You must be on time for all scheduled departures and activates as listed on your final day-by-day itinerary. All times on itineraries are subject to change and notifications will be given to the director.

Behavior During The School Year

The Festival endorses any additional Rules & Regulations your school district wishes to include. Do not contact any festival staff to overrule decision made by your director. 

A student's behavior during the school year prior to the Festival can and will cause a student from attending. The Festival will only allow students who are the best representatives of their school, and country. 


The expectations will be laid out by your director in the contract the student and parent will sign.

Immediate Expulsions

If at any time, the festival decides your behavior warrants your immediate expulsion, you will be expected to leave the festival that day by air. It will be at the parents' /guardians' expense and no refund will be given.

UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS: Students must adhere to all university regulations including, but not limited to, those with regard to food and beverages in rooms, lounges, auditoriums, classrooms, and other facilities.


Students are not allowed to deface university and/or hotel property or remove university and/or hotel property.  Individual students will be held responsible by each accommodation property and Festival for any damages. Students and their parents/guardians will be billed for damage fees not collected at check out.


Students are guests of the accommodations in which they stay and must behave with respect and proper manners. Unnecessary noise, improper language, and reckless behavior will not be tolerated, and the student will be given a consequence from the festival staff or be expelled immediately, depending on the infraction.


Students should walk on sidewalks at all times instead of the streets or grass. Remember that automobiles drive on the “wrong side of the road” in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom laws and penalties concerning possession and use of narcotics are more severe than those in the United States. The festival can do very little, if anything, other than contact the U.S. Embassy if you are arrested for any criminal violation.

LIQUOR/DRUGS: Any Consumption of or possession of alcoholic beverages or prescription drugs of any kind is grounds for immediate expulsion. 


TOBACCO / VAPING: No use of tobacco or Vape products by any student attending the festival.