TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, VISA, & INOCULATIONS: U.S. Citizens require a valid passport for entry into all European countries. Additionally, xerox copies of your passport are recommended. Never pack your passport in your checked baggage. Keep your passport on your person at all times. If you lose your passport while in Europe, you will need to contact the local American Embassy for a replacement.


No visa or inoculations are required for U.S. citizens.

IMPORTANT!!! Your airline ticket must match your passport name.


MEDICATION: If you are taking a prescription drub, it is advisable to carry a copy of your prescription together with a cover letter from your doctor - just in  case you need additional supplies while you are overseas. Be sure to pack medications in your carry-on bag.

NAME BADGES: The Festival will have name badges for all participants that should be worn at all times. You will receive your badge in your welcome pack upon arrival in Edinburgh.

MONEY & FOREIGN CURRENCY: It is difficult to estimate how much money you should bring, as each person's spending habits are different. Once in Europe you will need to stop at a bank to exchange U.S. Dollars for British Pounds. Spend all you exchange, because hands will not exchange back to U.S. Currency.

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer weather in Scotland is difficult to predict. The temperature can be in the 80' s one day or rainy and windy the next. The Average temperate is 64 degrees. Bring light, casual summer clothes that can be layered.  Rain gear and comfortable walking shoes are a must. You will also need a more formal outfit (suit/tie or dress) for the farewell dinner in Edinburgh.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Bring an adapter ! ! ! There will be none to borrow. 

INSURANCE: Each student and adult traveling over seas needs to verify with his or her own health insurance company that his or her coverage covers travel in the United Kingdom.  If a person’s health insurance coverage  does not extend to the United Kingdom, it is strongly suggested that a short tem international insurance policy be purchased for the duration of their overseas stay.


Accident, illness, and accident-related dental insurance coverage is provided for all participants by the Festival. Limits per single occurrence are $7500 for accident, $1500 for illness, $750 for accident related dental. Any charges not covered by this insurance are the responsibility of the participant.  This insurance is only payable for reimbursement upon return from your trip. It cannot be used for payment of bills while in the United Kingdom. Pre-existing conditions and air travel are not covered under this accident policy.