Director's Notes

Evita was selected to test every aspect of our program; acting, design, and choreography. We've not done a production to this scale in many years, but the students welcomed the challenge. In past years we've produced Musicals allowing for a more fantastical or abstract approach to the design. With Evita based on historical facts, the students wanted to put their skills to the test and design as realistic as possible.

Lighting Design

The lighting design was a true test of our lighting designer, Jake Gartrell. Our two story set almost completely wrapped the entire stage, limiting some options. But again, limitations breed creativity. Our designer used the windows and archways to his advantage to create striking images on stage. 

Set Design

Our set designer, Cameron Hatcher, and our props master, Kara Foreman, constructed one of the largest sets we've had on our stage. Cameron was responsible for creating and leading the team who build the main structure. Kara created almost 100 balusters for our set out of Coke bottles, pantyhose, and paper mache. They drew inspiration from historical photos of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, and helped make decisions on how to adapt it for our stage.