Friday, January 20th, 5:30 Arrive, 6:00 Serve (51 Students and Directors)

9x13 Italian casserole/spaghetti - L. Gumm - Spaghetti, N. Gregg - Chicken Spaghetti & Other Italian Dish

Italian Dish - D. Hatcher

Other Italian Dish - K. Harmon

Salad w/ Dressing - S. Hunter 2, D. Hatcher

Bread/Rolls - L. Gartrell 2

Fruit, Assortment - I. Tosado, J. Torres

Dessert for 20 - E. Mosty (all)

Servers: K. Harmon, E. Mosty, S. Hunter, D. Hatcher, N. Gregg, J. Torres


Saturday, January 21st, 11:30 Arrive, Noon Serve (51 Students and Directors)

Sandwiches Meat - L. Gumm - Turkey, T. Shelby Ham/Pastrami, D. Hatcher - Salami, N. Gregg - Remaining Misc. w Donations

Sandwich Cheese - L. Gartrell (Lg asst. from Sam's)

Bread - Loaves and/or Sub-type bread. - I. Tosado, K. Harmon, N. Gregg

Condiments - L. Gumm Mustard, K. Harmon PB&J, A. Casey Mayo

Salad w/ Dressing - D. Cowart, J. Rose

Fruit, Assortment - E. Mosty 2

Dessert for 20 - L. Gumm 1, A. Casey 1

Servers: L. Gartrell, K. Harmon, E. Mosty, Shelbys, N. Gregg, D. Hatcher


Monday, January 23rd, 5:30 Arrive, 6:00 Serve (51 Students and Directors)

Fried Chicken - J. Rose - Canes Chicken Fingers, T. Shelby - Chicken Tenders, Addt'l Chicken with Donations

Mac & Cheese - K. Harmon 1, N. Smith 2

Mashed Potatoes - L. Gumm 1

Salad w/ Dressing - C. Martinez (3 lg pans & dressing)

Bread/Rolls - I. Tosado, T. Moyer

Fruit, Assortment - A. Frater, T. Moyer

Dessert for 20 - T. Shelby 1, A. Casey 1

Servers: N. Smith, L. Gumm, A. Frater, T. Moyer, Shelbys, N. Gregg

Tuesday, January 24th, 5:30 Arrive, 6:00 Serve (51 Students and Directors)

9x13 Taco Meat - T. Moyer 1, N. Gregg 1, W. Hall-Bevill 1

9x13 Mexican casserole - A. Carter 1, L. Gumm 1

Crockpot Queso - W. Hall-Bevill 1

Tortilla Chips - A. Frater

Tortillas - L. Gartrell (4 pckgs)

Mexican Rice - J. Rose & A. Ogletree

Beans - N. Gregg & A. Ogletree

Salad w/ Dressing - J. Torres, T. Moyer 1

Fruit, Assortment - Need 2 - TBD - let's see what we have leftover on Monday

Dessert for 20 - J. Torres 1, J. Rose 1

Servers: A. Carter, L. Gumm, A. Frater, N. Gregg, J. Torres


Wednesday, January 25th, 5:30 Arrive, 6:00 Serve (51 Students and Directors)

Students bring $5 each for Pizza (place in envelope in black box no later than Tuesday so we can order the correct amount!)

Salad w/ Dressing - J. Rose

Fruit, Assortment - A. Casey 1

Dessert for 20 - L. Gumm, A. Ogletree

Servers: A. Ogletree, N. Gregg, A. Casey


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